Head Office

Our Head Office Team inspires, enables and empowers our ambitious growth plans, so that we can continue to deliver a sense of joy and delight for another 300 years.

Head Office

Our Head Office Team inspires, enables and empowers our ambitious growth plans, so that we can continue to deliver a sense of joy and delight for another 300 years.


The Fortnum’s Buying Team is responsible for commissioning the finest products of the highest quality. With a passion for product development and sourcing, leading industry knowledge, and the ability to see both market and product trends which will enable us to deliver original and exciting new products for our customers, our Buying Team are notoriously well skilled and experienced.


Our Merchandising Team, working closely with Buying, enable us to deliver a sense of pleasure, through the provision of products for our customers – across each store and channel. Through careful analysis, they help us to maximise sales and achieve our ambitious growth targets. With a wide range of product categories, all expertly crafted to bring joy to our customers, the Merchandising Team have a wealth of industry knowledge, the ability to adeptly analyse stock figures and forecasts, and a real passion for the products themselves.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on creating unforgettable experiences and exceptional services so that we can make the everyday special for our customers, wherever in the word they may be. Being the first point of contact when customers get in touch, whether by email, phone, online or face to face, our Customer Services Team plays an important role. Joining the department demands confident communication skills, an engaging personality, and the ability to expertly answer virtually any customer enquiry.


With multiple locations, customers around the world, and ambitious plans for growth, our Finance team is on hand to provide expert and strategic support. They cover everything from budgeting, reporting and reviewing results, to treasury, customer accounts, stocktakes & valuations, ensuring compliance with tax and statutory laws.


Whether it’s keeping our in-house systems ticking over smoothly, or helping our digital retail channel continue to grow at a blistering pace, our IT team expertly delivers cutting edge technology that complements over 300 years of colourful history. And with multiple locations and thousands of people to keep connected, it’s a challenge that demands skills and experience.


As the world’s first multichannel retailer, we have been serving customers around the world, through various channels, for centuries.

Excitingly, those channels are all growing fast, especially online.

Our Marketing Team ensure that more people than ever are aware of the full and fantastic force that is Fortnum’s, aiding us in fulfilling our ambitions for growth.

Client Services

Our Client Services team is on hand to provide a personal touch in an increasingly impersonal world. Combining account management with proactive sales and tailor-made services to high net-worth and high profile corporate and private clients, it’s a fast-paced and exciting place to work, with a focus on making unforgettable memories for our clients.

The People Team (HR)

We’re proud of the family orientated culture we’ve created across our business, and we believe our people are central to our success. With an ever growing and changing workforce, our People Team (HR) is on hand to support our business leaders to manage their teams, drive development opportunities, and engage everyone – helping us look forward to another 300 years of success.

Visual Merchandising

Our award-winning Visual Merchandising Team is responsible for the theatrical presentation, installation and maintenance of our iconic products across the store; all of which come together, to deliver that distinct Fortnum’s experience. The Visual Merchandising Team are dedicated to continuing our status as one of the capital’s most iconic retailers.


As our brand recognition develops globally, the demand overseas for our brand and products grows too. Our International Team manages this growth, and protects our brand as it moves into new territories around the world, from the Americas, to Australia and Asia, and beyond.

Let us bring the Fortnum’s experience to you.

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